W06 Reflection

There were several quotes from the reading that I highlighted this week, like: “Private victory precedes public victory”. If we want a successful business and career, we need to take care of our personal life first. It does not mean “treat yo’self” everyday, but I do need to take time for my physical, mental, social, and emotional health. When I am my best self, then I can do my best to help others. In the short term neglecting myself could be time efficient, but in the long run I would burn out or get sick and then be less productive and loose opportunities. So, I think it is about pacing yourself and finding balance in your life.

Another of my favorite parts was the reading about crafting successful strategies that said, “. . . [the] comprehensive analytical approach to planning does not suit all start ups”. The author explained that some start-ups began with little planning and adapted with experience. Depending on your market, this is really valuable advice. If you wait too long doing research instead of seizing your moment, then the you could miss the opportunity, because either someone else has filled the need or the demand has gone away. It does not mean that planning is bad and you shouldn’t use it, but I think it is about reading the scene and using good judgement.

The last part I highlighted was from the same article, and it talked about screening opportunities quickly to weed out unpromising ventures. You could have a really good idea, but lack the resources and means to follow it. Or maybe you have the means, but it would not be a good career fit for your lifestyle. You have to match up your ideas with your circumstances, skills, resources, and consumer needs. This helped give me perspective for analyzing my options.

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