W08-Overcoming Challenges

Initially, I was wary of this unit. Surviving adversity can be hard to discuss without using cliches, and it is often overdone. So I was pleasantly surprised by how this week’s reading was so enjoyable. I had actually been struggling personally with something, and a quote from Heros spoke right to me said, “I believe in the sun even when it is not shining, I believe in love even when I do not feel it. I believe in God even when He is silent.” It is hopeful and beautiful and made my heart feel lighter. This week was so helpful not just as a entrepreneur, but as an individual as well.

I also enjoyed the analogy from the reading about how failure is something essential to our growth. It is not something to be avoided or feared, or somehow ruin my abilities. That does not mean fail on purpose, it just means that if I am doing my best work and making careful plans, I should be able to get up and keep trying if I make a mistake.

I learned a lot from our other reading as well, about networking. It was satisfying to read because it was a lot of practical advise and common sense. The most important take away I got from that was when I want to plan a meet up with someone, I should consider what they are getting from the meeting, as well. I should also have some idea of how to best use the time they are giving me to make the meeting as productive as possible. If the interviewee feels respected, they are more likely to invest more effort into the meeting and give better advise. This will also give them a positive impression of me, which is important for networking. It is to my benefit to consider their needs and make the meeting mutually beneficial.

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