W09 Reflection

Part of our reading called A Message to Garcia gave some pointers that I wanted to put here so I remember them. The main idea is that an ability to execute is the most important quality. They listed some examples of how to do that. There were a lot, but these are the ones I thought were most pertinent to me:

  1. Delegate
  2. Right Attitude
  3. Under promise and deliver
  4. Put results before schmoozing

Another concept I was introduced to is the Hedgehog concept. As funny as it is, it means to be good at one thing and stick to it. I liked the simplicity of this idea because sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in growing and improving, when sometimes it is good to just look where you are at and make sure you are doing what you do really well. Sometimes you need to sacrifice the short term for the long term, but sometimes you just need to focus on making the most of what you are right now.

Another important quote from the reading was when someone said, “Customer satisfaction is the most important indicator for a business’s success”. It seems obvious, but if the customer is not happy, they won’t buy. The better the service you provide, the more customers you will have, and the more successful you will be. Another big thing she said was, “The customer can’t always tell you what they want, but they can always tell you what is wrong”. An important part of running a business is getting feedback and adapting and innovating based on what they say. I think this also means a lot of careful thought, because otherwise you have to continually use trial and error which is time consuming and wasteful. If you get their feedback about what they do not like, you can use critical thinking to determine the best solutions to those problems.

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