W11 Reflection

My favorite quote from this weeks reading was a by Louisa May Alcott, that said:

I do not ask for any crown/ But that which all may win/ Nor try to conquer any world/ Except the one within

Not only is that beautiful, but I loved the meaning it gave me. The true victories in life will not be awards and recognition, but the inner struggle of learning and growing. There are so many worthy goals to aim for, but one of the best things I can do to help others is to better myself. This does not entirely mean self-care and spa days. It means hard work, trying new things, admitting I am wrong, and getting better at the things I do not like to do. I want to really see myself because I am the only one who can.

An article about my attitude on money taught me a few things. First, that I view money as a means to be happy. I think along the lines of, “Once I have this specific amount of money, when I have my mortgage paid off, that is when I will be happy. That is when I can relax and begin enjoying life.” While it is good to have goals and to want to be successful and provide a good life for my family, I think I need to learn how to enjoy all the stages of my life. The beginning struggles of starting a family is beautiful and I am happy, and I want to remember that one day I am going to look back and miss this time in my life.

If I want to make sure I am enjoying the now, I need to be present and engaged in all the little things I do every day. I can still worry about the bills, but not have my time always focused on that. I want to view money in a happier way.


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