W14 – Final Entry

In wrapping up this class, I am grateful for the motivation and new skills I have learned. I think this class is important in determining not just business ideas, but how to live a meaningful life. Our employment takes up a huge portion of our life, maybe even the biggest portion, so it is important to find work that aligns with the rest of your goals in life.

I feel like for my generation, the goal is to find a way to make ends meet, and you are lucky if it is also something you really enjoy doing. I think this class has given me a better perspective that even your job as the manager of Staples can be important and crucial to your life development.

I learned how to maximize my opportunities. I can look at my options and see more than the means to an end. I can make every day something holy and special, even something as basic as washing the dishes. When I remember why I do something, it changes the meaning and significance. Doing chores is mundane, but it is an important part of family life that has to be done. Now when I am working on cleaning, I am using that time to plan, meditate, and otherwise engage myself to more efficiently use my time as well as making it more enjoyable.

I saw so many good examples of how people utilized their resources and talents to do something unique. I learned the role of ethics and how it is never okay to do something bad, even if it was for “good” reasons. I learned how to be a successful entrepreneur, and how beyond the skills involved it is important to never give up. Be someone who can problem solve in creative ways to overcome the challenges that come. I learned more about being tough, and that it takes more than just a good idea and hard work to make a successful business.

Overall, this course gave me confidence in myself to make a difference. Not only can I run a profitable business, but I can provide a service that helps people. I can do both things at the same time. When doing these things together, they both help and support each other which helps me to do better than I could have trying to do these two goals separately.

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