W05 – Mastery

This week was really inspiring for me! There are a lot of things I want to remember, but my favorite part was a quote from one of the videos. The speaker was talking about finding your passion, and he said do not try to narrow it down to one thing. Free yourself up for a portfolio of passions and match them up with the opportunities in front of you.

This has helped me so much because my problem is that there are a lot of things I love, and trying to pick just one has felt impossible. From what he said I can look at the problem with a different perspective, and try to see which of my passions gives me the best options right now and in the long term.

Something else that was inspiring is how the reading talked about how the importance is in the journey, not the destination. Sometimes that feels like a cliche teenage girls overuse, but hearing it now made me self-reflective about how I am viewing my life and identifying my accomplishments right now. Sometimes I can feel a little depressed about the mundane work in my life, how cleaning and cooking are never ending and the reward so short lived. If I focus on the process as the triumph instead of the finished product, it would help me feel much better. It is not always easy to think that way, of course, but I feel like I have a new tool to use to help me be the best person I can be.

There was a definition of the how to be a successful entrepreneur that I found insightful. “[The secret is]. . . deposits of skill and character made in a consistent way through trial, error, and struggle”.

This teaches me a few things. First, that there is no single thing you do to be a successful entrepreneur. It takes a combination of factors like skill, perseverance, and good character. This quote also emphasizes the work involved. That may not mean you have to work insane hours to be successful, but rather that you need to not give up when the work is difficult. That also does not mean stubbornly keep doing what you are doing, it means adapting and learning in order to grow.

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