W07 Reflection

In the reading, there were some terms that were introduced in a new way that I thought were interesting. Synergism is a method of working together were the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Team work has never been my strong point, and I think that is because I have been approaching it all wrong. Instead of having an attitude of do things my way or your way, I should be thinking that let’s do it a new, better way. Real collaboration is hard, and I think it has to do with my pride, too. I like to think all the best parts of an group project are from me, but having that mindset is not productive. So this simple concept about synergy made a big impact on me.

Another important word that was mentioned was homeostasis. I love biology so I liked thinking of this idea in a social and personal way. I realized I can be more resistant to change than I should be. I can be very complacent at times and my motto is, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” I would not consider myself as an innovator. However, this could really hurt my personal growth because trying more new things could give me important experience. I am too afraid of failure, and I need to be braver and get excited to make some mistakes.

My last thought was about a quote from the novel talked about society today feels like, “. . . life . . . is an endless series of climatic moments”. I think that the most meaningful experiences in my life have been totally ordinary and unplanned moments. The richness in life is not from a couple of big events. Thinking about this idea helped me evaluate my expectations and what I expect for myself.

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